NBA player may be traded over “anti-Trump” baby name

by Sonya Andrews on 9/15/2017

Rumors are spreading that the Timberwolves want to trade Cory Adler. While it’s not out of the ordinary for NBA teams to reorganize and make strategic trades, the reason Adler might be saying farewell to Minnesota is more than a little unusual.  It has nothing to do with his skills on the court.

Cory Adler and longtime girlfriend, European model Alfia Torriani, are expecting a daughter this December. A few weeks ago the player’s girlfriend posted an ultrasound photo to Instagram with the following caption:

“Cory and I have finally decided on a name for our beautiful daughter. Say hello to baby Resistere! We want our baby to grow up knowing she can be anything and love anyone she wants to.”

“Resistere” is Italian for “resist” – a word that has become a rallying cry for protesters of President Donald Trump. After a flurry of comments on Alfia’s Instagram, Cory took to social media to defend his support of the baby’s name. He reposted the photo with the caption:

“We’re going to teach our daughter to be compassionate and to care about others. We want her name to be a reminder that she should always fight for what’s right, even if it sometimes means standing up to authority.”

The couple has since deleted the posts. There is speculation this was due to pressure from Adler’s team. We spoke with a source close to Glen Taylor, majority owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves, to find out. The source wished to remain anonymous.

“I don’t know why the couple took down the posts, but  it was done of their own free will. The team in no way asked them to. I’m not going to say that the baby name situation is the reason Adler is being traded. But look, we’re in a conservative state. Adler would be better suited for LA, Oakland, Chicago or any number of more liberal cities.”

This isn’t the first time Adler’s been in hot water for his political views. In 2015, he was nearly suspended for calling President Obama a “commie loving twinkie” during a post-game interview. The team was able to persuade the news network not to include the comment in its coverage, something that didn’t sit well with Adler.

We asked one of his former teammates about the 2015 incident. The player, who requested to remain anonymous, had this to say:

“The censorship only made Cory angry. He said we were living in an ‘Orwellian state’ and he wouldn’t be silenced like that. He complained about it all night. It was kind of scary. We thought he was gonna go on a rant to the media or something. But then the next day he just dropped it. He was back to his old self, like it never happened.”

We’ll have to wait to see if Adler gets traded. If he does, we can be pretty sure it’s not because of he has a lousy free throw percentage.

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