Huge Hollywood celebrity considers run for Governor in Idaho

by John Hill on 10/01/2017

Rumors have been circulating among Hollywood’s elite that another one of their own may be making a Schwarzenegger-esque foray into politics. Demi Moore, who owns a home in Hailey, Idaho, is said to be considering a run for the state’s governorship on the Democratic ticket.

Sources close to the star confirmed that she’s been mulling a run for office for quite some time – a fact that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the work she’s done in recent years. The actress sits on the board of Thorn, an organization dedicated to fighting the sexual exploitation of children.

Moore co-founded Thorn with then-hubby Ashton Kutcher and the celebrities don’t take a hands-off approach to their work. Moore spent several days in Nepal filming a CNN documentary on sex trafficking and Kutcher gave a heartfelt testimony before Congress. They’ve even worked with the feds.

If Moore’s been looking to get into the political game, this may be her shot. Idaho’s current Governor, Butch Otter, has announced that he won’t be seeking re-election. While the Republican primary ticket is a bit overcrowded, Moore will have just one Democrat to defeat in May to snag her party’s nomination.

Troy Minton, an unknown candidate with an arrest record who provided the address to a homeless shelter on his candidacy papers, is the only Democrat who’s declared so far – ensuring an effortless primary victory for Moore. If she formally announces, it’s improbable that a serious candidate will emerge to challenge her and her $150 million net worth in a state that hasn’t elected a Democratic governor in more than 20 years.

She’ll likely face off against Brad Little, Idaho’s current Lieutenant Governor and favorite to win the GOP primary now that the more popular Senator Fulcher has withdrawn from the race. Little’s approval rating hovers just below 40%, giving Moore a solid shot at defeating him in the general election.

According to sources, the actress plans on tapping into her unfettered star power to help tip the scales. “She’s calling in a lot of favors from her celebrity network – fundraisers, commercial appearances, endorsements…volunteers even. She’s pulling out all the stops. If you’re an Idaho voter, don’t be surprised if Kelly Preston knocks on your door,” said a friend of the star.

Idaho might be a solidly red state, but if anyone can turn it blue – we’re betting it’s Demi. After all, Donald Trump is President of the United States. Stranger things have happened.

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