Men who eat hot dogs bald faster, new study shows

by Cole Lubowski on 10/15/2017


A study published by the Perdue Research Institute reveals that men who consume hot dogs lose their hair 2.1 – 3.5% more quickly than men who do not. The study was conducted over the course of five years and was comprised of 78 male participants between the ages of 45 and 89.

Half of study participants were fed three all-beef kosher hot dogs per day, while the other half were prohibited from eating any hot dogs for the duration of the study. Consumption of hot dog buns and condiments was optional and varied among participants. Researchers did not control for differences in genetics, health, haircare, lifestyle or diet (aside from number of hot dogs consumed).

“I think it’s pretty clear – if you want to keep your hair for as long as possible, don’t eat traditional hot dogs,” says lead researcher and biologist Arthur Mitchell. So what to eat at that summer barbeque or baseball game? The Perdue Research Institute suggests trying alternatives to beef franks, such as chicken or turkey.

“Chicken dogs and sausages are a great alternative to beef,” says Perdue spokesman Liam Palfrey. “They have half the fat, fewer calories, and all the flavor. Plus, you get to keep your hair.”

The Perdue Research Institute is in the process of conducting a similar two-year study on the link between hamburger consumption and erectile dysfunction. “I can’t confirm the results presently, but it’s not looking good,” says Miller. The findings of the hamburger study are set to be released in February of 2018.