Trump praises Japan, calls sushi “disgusting”

by John Hill on 10/17/2017


Last week at a press conference, President Trump announced he had a “very good” phone call with Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe. “The prime minister and I had a very good phone call. Very good. We talked about trade, we’re going to make some great deals. He’s a great friend,” said Trump.

Trump’s comment about the call was quickly eclipsed by other news, and no reporters ever followed up on his conversation with Prime Minister Abe. We were able to catch the President for a few minutes after a campaign rally in South Carolina to ask him more about the call.

When pressed for specifics on the potential trade deals, the President steered the conversation in another direction. “Japan is a great, very innovative country. Just look at what they did with the sushi. I think it’s disgusting. I mean raw fish. Are you kidding me? Who wants to eat raw fish? The answer is – everybody. Believe me, everybody does. People are loving this stuff. Twenty, thirty years ago Americans weren’t eating any sushi. Did you see anyone eating any sushi? Of course not. Disgusting. Now it’s so popular. In New York City there’s a sushi stand on every block. I sell sushi in my hotels. Very trendy. Wonderful marketing. Fantastic job. We talked about that,” he said.

Trump wouldn’t give any details. “I can’t tell you what’s going to be in it right now because that’s classified. But we’re working very hard on it. I can tell you it’s going to be a fantastic deal for America – very good for Japan. It will be much better than the terrible deals we have now,” he said, shortly before being whisked away by security.