“I wasn’t talking about me,” says pro-life Rep. who urged girlfriend’s abortion

by John Hill on 11/3/2017

Jim Hollenfield was bombarded by reporters Thursday afternoon after personal emails and bank statements revealed that the Alabama pro-life state representative had urged and funded his girlfriend’s abortion. The documents were leaked to the Washington Times, allegedly by one of his wife’s employees.

Hollenfield fought his way through a media frenzy as he left the capitol, unaware that news had broken of his affair and the subsequent abortion. Amid of a flurry of camera flashes, shouted questions, and suggestions that he was a hypocrite, a very flustered Hollenfield made it to his car, all the while shouting “No comment! No comment!”

As he was stepping into his vehicle, Mobile 4 News’ Miranda Williams was able to get a question in – or a statement at least. “You’ve made several very strong statements opposing abortion, even suggesting that women who have abortions will be ‘condemned to hellfire’. How can…”

“Yes, yes,” Hollenfield cut her off, waving his hand. “When I said those things, I was talking about other people. I wasn’t talking about me.” Hollenfield abruptly slammed his car door and sped off.

During his 12-year tenure in the state house, Hollenfield sponsored more than 32 bills attempting to limit abortion access in the state and is known for making graphic and controversial statements on the issue. In a particularly extreme outburst, the representative suggested that miscarriages should carry the same penalties as illegal abortion, which can result in up to a 12-month jail sentence in Alabama.

In a follow up interview with UBS, Hollenfield didn’t back slide on the hasty statement he made while fleeing the press last week. Instead, he doubled down on it. “When I said those things about abortion, I meant them. I still mean them, but I mean them for other people. I don’t mean them for me.”

When asked for clarification, Hollenfield stared blankly. “I don’t really know what else there is for me to clarify. The things I said about women and abortion, those things are true. They’re just not true for me.”

This article may be satire, but the issue it touches on certainly isn't. While some of the examples below are dated, the mentality behind them is still very relevant today. Here are some real-life jaw dropping claims, attitudes, and legislative proposals relating to abortion and women's bodies from the men running our government: 

Texas Rep. Tony Tinderholt wants women who have abortions to be charged with murder to make them “more personally responsible” for having sex. (Only women, though. Men, do what you want.)

In 2011, Georgia Rep. Bobby Franklin proposed a bill under which women who miscarry could become felons if they couldn't prove that there was “no human involvement whatsoever in the causation” of their miscarriage. (He’s dead now, but his crusade to criminalize women for their reproductive systems isn’t.)

“Now, I’m of the understanding that in many cases of rape, it does not involve any pregnancy because of the trauma of the incident. That may be true with incest a little bit,” said Idaho Rep. Pete Nielsen. 

U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy repeatedly pushed his anti-abortion views days after urging his girlfriend to get an abortion

Congressman and doctor Scott DesJarlais encouraged his ex-wife to get two abortions. He also encouraged a patient 24 years younger than him (with whom he was having an affair) to get an abortion. Yet, he maintains a 100% pro-life voting record. 

These bills and attitudes aren't just GOP fantasy - they have real life consequences for women.

A Pennsylvania mother went to jail for helping her teenage daughter have an abortion.

A woman accused of feticide in Indiana— specifically, inducing her own abortion — was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison.