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The UBS News Network is a niche news agency founded by veteran journalists Anthony Ulrich, Sheila Beaumont, and Becca Swenson. Together, they bring over sixty years of reporting, editing, and publishing experience to our platform.

At UBS we believe traditional news has been done to death. We strive to stay fresh by offering exclusive content – meaning you won’t find our stories anywhere else and we never re-post content from other organizations. When you’re sick of reading the same headlines over and over and over again, head to UBS for a fresh perspective.


Our Team


AnthonyAnthony Ulrich Publisher




BeccaBecca Swenson Publisher





Sheila Beaumont Editor in Chief





 Kasey Clay Executive Editor





Sonya Andrews Culture Writer




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Max Harrison Science & Tech Writer




John John Hill Politics & Humor Writer




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Cole Lubowski Health Writer




todd_headshot Todd Samuels Art Director